That little space in the day, that little moment to be, that little awareness of self.
Discover joy in the wonder of life, to breathe, to move, to align… to be.


Discover the joy of movement with the love of connected awareness. Silencito is your safe space awarding that ‘little silence’ in life… to move, to breathe, to be your self. It’s a place where you’ll align both body and spirit, and feel cared for by an experienced and skilful mentor.

The body in movement

The focus is on experiencing joy in the balanced movement of each individual. Pilates creates and restores natural movement with efficiency and ease. It’s a science and art of control of the whole body and mind that highly experienced instructor Liz Stride has used to help restore functional movement and ease the pain from various injuries and conditions. In the same way, she has gently supported hundreds of people to discover their great physical potential in their daily lives. These people include mothers preparing for and post birth, Olympic athletes, professional dancers, and seniors contemplating a more deliberate pace with ease and range of motion.

Silencito is a fully equipped studio with high quality apparatus. Pilates tuition includes private classes, Pilates duets, intimate groups (max. four people) and mat classes (up to six people). Meditation classes are also available and have a maximum of six people in one session.

The mind in meditation

Transformative meditation lives up to its name. It’s a powerful way to cultivate and explore a new awareness. Through tried and tested methods of meditation, you will welcome new clarity, peace and wellbeing. It’s about connecting with the whole, and applying it to all areas of your life. Experience a new vitality and presence, join a class today.

About Liz

A dedicated mentor, Liz Stride is passionate about supporting people, helping them discover their full potential for balanced and joyful movement with presence in their lives.

Highly qualified and experienced in Pilates and Meditation, Liz has taught Pilates for 16 years. Her rewarding career includes association with Australia’s leading Pilates education body, Pilates International Training Centre (PITC), since 2005. Here, she has been part of the faculty in Teacher Training since 2008. She continues to teach at the eminent Pilates International, now Movement Collective, in Sydney.

  • Principal Trainer with the Pilates Alliance of Australasia (PAA)
  • Advanced Diploma of The Pilates Method
  • Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction
  • Pre and Post Natal Pilates Specialist
  • Certificate of Transformative Meditation Teaching
  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment
  • Diploma of Royal Ballet School Teacher Training
  • Pre-Post Natal Pilates Specialist Certification
  • Pilates For Menopause Certification

Silencito is a pilates and meditation studio on the Central Coast of NSW.
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