The aim is to help you nurture your “inner mother” during pregnancy and prepare for birth.
Embracing the changes that occur during pregnancy and offer healthy,
balanced movements to meet your needs as a mum-to-be.

Program aims to:

  • Understand the role of a woman’s pelvis and pelvic floor, and the role they play during pregnancy
  • Understand the connection of the breath to the pelvic floor and abdominals
  • Learn how to use the breath for birth, relaxation and alignment
  • Understand the change in posture during pregnancy
  • Help prevent issues with the pelvic floor, diastasis recti, pubic symphysis dysfunction and other concerns related to pregnancy and birth
  • Offer balanced movements for the whole body, for each trimester of pregnancy, for each unique woman


  • Learn ways to stretch and strengthen the pelvic floor as appropriate during the different stages of pregnancy
  • Try various visualisation and meditation techniques for birth
  • Balance the needs for flexibility, strength and endurance for pregnancy, birth and life as a new mum
  • Work with the natural softening of the body in preparation for birth and to help support and ease any discomfort
  • Help you create a calm, loving pregnancy in which you can enjoy the magic of growing a little life inside


The aim is to help heal your body after the birth of your baby
and to give you the strength to enjoy your new role of Mum to a growing baby.

Program aims to:

  • Understand the postural changes in the body of the post-natal woman
  • Understand and restore stability of the pelvis and heighten pelvic floor awareness
  • Focus on breathing and its effects on the abdominals and pelvic floor
  • Learn ways to use breathing for stabilisation, control of movement, dynamic alignment and relaxation


  • Learn efficient movements to help restore balance to the entire body, stabilisation, control, strength and mobility
  • Help the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor, diastasis recti (abdominal separation), C section and pubic symphysis dysfunction through safe exercise
  • Help create stability and strength to assist the role of the new Mum from breastfeeding to taking care of a growing baby


The aim is to embrace the natural changes in the body as we age,
understanding how they affect movement and enjoyment of life.

Program aims to:

  • Create positive healthy movement
  • Offer effective, safe exercises
  • Welcome the benefits and positive qualities of getting older
  • Address bone density, osteoporosis, postural changes, joint pain, arthritis, general back and neck pain, functional everyday movement and balanceynamic alignment and relaxation


  • Maintain and heighten the brain to body connection through mindful movements, coordination, variety of exercises, use of several different small apparatus and balance
  • Work with bone strengthening, overall strengthening, functional and balance exercises
  • Meet the needs of all women and men of varying levels and backgrounds


The aim is to return to balanced, joyful movements for functional life.

Program aims to:

  • Liaise with allied health practitioners, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, doctors
  • Discuss and assess history of the injury/condition, posture and current concerns
  • Educate client on ways to avoid pain, move with correct movement patterning and improve posture in everyday life
  • Focus on stabilisation and control as appropriate for the injury/condition
  • Focus on mobilisation and range of movement as appropriate for the injury/condition
  • Use the assistance of equipment and modifications to help restore range of movement and stability.
  • Increase proprioception of the area of concern and whole body
  • Progress to dynamic stabilisation, challenging stability and range of movement into multiple planes with gravity, resistance and balance components


  • Prepare client to return to functional movements, re-education on faulty movement patterns to re-train new movement patterns
  • Focus on executing movements correctly in a foreign setting similar to that of functional life in order to re-train correct movement patterns and avoid faulty familiar movement strategies.
  • Help reset the neuromuscular system and retrain a correct motor pattern for functional life
  • Focus on identifying strategic restrictions and compensations to re-train correct movement strategies that help decrease pain and improve function
  • Work to continually progress and challenge when ready

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