At this moment in time, my life is so full with busyness and it is not ideal to continue on at this pace. I know there are weak links in my body and have been amazed at how you work with those areas. I can feel the strength building and supporting my framework and at 62, I am now hopeful that I can delay the effects of osteoporosis, curved spine (dowagers hump), knee & foot problems, chest pain, elbow pain………    Oh goodness I have a list of things that have already all improved over the last 18 months. 

I find it miraculous after all of my sessions that you have been able to pinpoint and provide particular movements to counteract any twinges that occur. I know you have a program for me but when I come in each week after gardening, weeding & shovelling mulch and lifting heavy things you are instantly flexible to work with the immediate situation. I look forward to my weekly sessions and will continue to try and do exercises in between times. Thank you!

-Jazz M

Liz has a beautiful way of both supporting and pushing you. She has a deep understanding of healthy movement and structural function, combined with a patient and grounded manner. The studio is calm and professional. After having two kids, I feel grateful to have her help in starting to get my body back and rebuilding my strength. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

– Marg P

I am a horse riding coach, and I went to see Liz after one of my clients showed amazing improvements in her posture and ability on the horse. She had been having sessions from Liz. I wanted help with stiffness in my shoulders and arms in horse riding. Not just a standard exercise programme: Liz creates a personalised programme for your individual needs. After the first session I could already see a massive improvement in the riding problems I have been struggling with for over 20 years. I could feel freedom in my shoulders and was able to maintain the improvement. I’m seeing Liz every week and the improvements in all aspects of my riding are continuing, not just the arms and shoulders, but in areas where I didn’t even realise I had problems. Liz’s skill is wonderful and I recommend her to all my clients.

-Diana W

Liz is all about awareness, precision and humour 🙂 Liz has an exceptional ability to observe bodies in motion and give precise, targeted instructions that create alignment and awareness. She has both the humour and energy to keep the workout fun while pushing you to new limits. Liz is incredibly friendly, patient and approachable – she always asks me how I am feeling the moment I walk in and concentrates, after listening to the answer to tailor my session around my feedback.

-Lisa P

“To have a world-class Pilates teacher living in Narara is quite something.

Liz Stride has great knowledge of the workings of our bodies and is able to gently coach us to reprogram our movements to better serve us through life.

She walks her talk and is patient, attentive, generous and passionate. Both my body and I are so grateful and look forward to seeing her weekly.”

– Lyndall P

I’ve done Pilates on and off for years, but Liz is hands down the best. Her understanding of the body and the way it works takes my Pilates sessions to a whole new level. She’s lovely to work with and tailors each session to what is required that day. I’m a horse rider and I’m riding straighter and stronger than I ever have before.

-Elinor I

I am lucky to have a private session with Liz due to my particular health needs. Liz has been so generous taking the time to understand my condition & tailoring the sessions to ensure I benefit. It has been a great journey – my health has improved both physically and emotionally thanks to Liz! Highly recommend Silencito.

– Cheryl M

Starting Pilates at your studio has been a game changer for me. Not only have I recovered from my initial injury but I have been able to return to my sports stronger than before. It is a grounding, gentle yet strengthening practice. 

I cannot imagine life without Pilates now. Thank your for teaching it. 

-Rosy P

I’ve been a student at Liz’s studio now for over 3 months and I look forward to our weekly Pilates session. Liz is caring, structured, precise and has a profound understanding of the body, which makes her a great teacher. I’ve noticed a large difference in my core and pelvic floor strength being now 12 months postpartum since starting with Liz. I’d highly recommend her studio and currently online Zoom class (in the current times of covid) to enhance your strength, stability and overall wellbeing.

– Sinoma G

Liz Stride has been instructing us in Pilates for more than 10 years. Each session she has the uncanny ability to know just how hard we needed to work. Sometimes we need a softer stretching session. Sometimes a remedial session; there were plenty of those over 10 years with broken bones, operations and injuries being brought along to sessions and all being healed faster because of them. Sometimes she pushed us hard to make new and stronger muscle connections. Our bodies are better for Liz's instruction. Highly recommended.`
Catherine Lezer and Dr Kevin McIsaac
I have been on my Pilates journey with Liz for more than four years. When I first started I was recovering from a back injury, and had tried several different methods to get stronger, only to exacerbate the injury. Pilates with Liz changed that. Liz is a very warm and welcoming person. She has great attention to detail, a refined instinct about knowing when to get a little more out of me and is very clear and descriptive in her instruction. The whole experience has been very motivating for me. What started as one session a week is now an integrated part of my life. With Liz, it is really all about what is best for your body on the day. I always leave a session with Liz feeling better, happier and stronger than when I walked in.
Barbara Wise
I first met Liz when she was teaching a group class at Oxygen in Coogee in 2001 after having tried various venues to practise Pilates. What first struck me was the gentle but constant instruction – giving guidance to the whole class whilst making it personal enough to each one of us. Her melodious voice and precise instruction made each class both challenging but relaxing at the same time. Having had scoliosis, I had to be careful in movement and Liz understood that from the start and catered to my needs whilst also catering to many others in the class. Later we moved onto private classes both in the studio as well as mat classes at home. Liz’s great instruction saw me through back problems due to the scoliosis, constant travel and two bouts of bad neuralgia and sciatica after shingles. I always felt safe and supported in the movements and could revert to basics when necessary whilst at other times getting into more difficult routines. This has now been the pattern for nearly 15 years and one that has given me good back health (combined with osteopathic visits); great core strength; more supple joints than most people of my age, good posture and ongoing protection and nurturing of my general mobile health. It should also be emphasised that each class with Liz leaves me feeling rested but also totally energised mentally due to the great breathing practise that I have learnt with her. The classes can calm in difficult circumstances and energise when feeling down. Knowing her professional qualifications are excellent, but more knowing her practice in class with me I would not hesitate to recommend Liz to anyone seeking a superior Pilates experience as well as instruction.
Carole Parsons (Director, CaLL Incentives, Coogee Australia)
When I think of Liz, the words "absolute trust" come to my mind. An expert in the field and an extraordinary teacher, there was no other Pilates professional I trusted with my prenatal preparation and postnatal healing when I became pregnant with my second child. To this day, I marvel at her ability to adapt and combine exercises, heal and strengthen holistically, and still keep it interesting! Over the years I have tried many Pilates studios, but no one else is as good, full stop.
Michela Caratini
As a pilates instructor myself I’m very fussy when it comes to choosing who I do my workouts with. I like my session to flow, be challenging and be specific to my body. Liz gives me all of this. Lizs’ way of teaching is what I believe Pilates truly is. She is incredibly knowledgeable, knows her clients bodies and I never feel as though she’s giving me an exercise that isn’t going to be right for me particularly if I’m battling injuries. She is hands on, keeps the session moving and I always walk away feeling as I should…taller, stronger, pain free and even throughout my body.
Zoe Trilsbach
Liz is the most exceptional Pilates instructor. We’re long-standing clients because we value Liz’s experience and outstanding knowledge of the body as it relates to movement.  Our sessions with Liz are as a ‘couple’ and we appreciate her flexibility and attentiveness to our individual needs. Between us, we’ve had issues with back pain as well as pregnancy and it’s very hard to find any instructor more professional, trustworthy or skilled. Liz is so passionate about Pilates and has encouraged us to apply the principles of breath and movement in our every day life; from the way we sit and walk to how we approach life’s challenges. After years of doing Pilates with Liz, we not only look and feel better, our cores are stronger, our posture is taller and most importantly we lead more fulfilling, calmer and pain-free lives. Liz continually develops her breadth of knowledge and expertise. If she’s attended a new course, she’ll share with us the latest techniques and teachings. Her classes are different each session and this keeps it fresh and challenging. We always find ourselves walking out of a Pilates session with Liz stretched, energised, inspired — and looking forward to our next class.
Very happy clients, Chris & Cené
I have had Liz as a private teacher and part of a group, and always the result has been the same: a very personalised session with fantastic effects on my body. Liz starts each session by asking how I'm going, paying attention to what I say to tailor the exercises to my body's needs. I started with her two years ago when my body's energy and health were very precarious. But with her help, I have managed to build up my strength back. She knows how to get the most out of my self physically and mentally, helping me to build up my skills on how to use my body outside of the studio. Her meditation knowledge has also contributed to her ability as a Pilates teacher to teach me in a more holistic way to discover how stress affects my general well being. In other words, my experience with her as a teacher has been transformative at many levels, an experience that I recommend without any reservation.
Maria Ochoa
Liz is an amazing Pilates teacher. She is highly skilled and educated in all aspects of the craft. She is kind and patient, easy to communicate with and always very thoughtful towards her students and their needs. Liz designs tailored programs and is continually tweaking and changing each session to help you continue to develop your skills. I highly recommend Liz to anyone looking for a really great instructor!
Lisa Morrissey
Liz is an amazing teacher and I've got so much from training with her. Not only have I seen great improvements in my physical wellbeing, but as a credit to her holistic approach, I find I walk away from each session feeling incredibly relaxed and centred.
Katrina Barker
Liz is an amazing instructor - the best I have found, as a matter of fact. She teaches pilates from an awareness approach, where the body can work in relaxation but strengthening at the same time. From a technical point of view, Liz teaches in a very refined, specific and detailed way, from the most simple exercises up. She's mindful and kind and now I'm no longer in Sydney I have found great difficulty in finding a teacher of the same standard. A rare jewel.
Francesca Piazzi
Liz has been my pilates teacher for the 5 years I have been in Sydney. She is an incredible teacher - the best I have ever had and I have lived in a fair few places around the world. She is exceptionally experienced and gets to know your body - its strengths and weaknesses. Liz just seems to know when to really push you and when your body and mind need a calmer session. She has seen me through a couple of injuries, high stress periods at work and a period of illness, all with really focussed and targeted pilates and her wonderful teaching style, friendly nature and unwaveringly positive and supportive approach. She knows how to challenge you of course, with an advanced program. My body feels way stronger working with Liz over the years and that is despite the ageing process (sensitive subject as I just turned 50)!! The combination of having been a dancer, her extensive experience as a senior pilates instructor and also being qualified in meditation makes for a pretty special mix in terms of teaching style and approach. Liz is a gem - I cannot recommend her highly enough. I am so going to miss her as I head off to Zurich. I am booked in for my first holiday back already 🙂
Alex S

Me, Raju (alias Nagarajan Swaminathan) and my wife, Indira (Indira Nagarajan) have had the privilege of undergoing Pilates under your inimitable guidance from year 2014. Aged as we are (me in the early 70s and my wife in mid 60s), Pilates training introduced by our well wishing son, would not have been our cup of tea, we would have taken life easy and ended up in gossiping and whiling away our time. 

But, association with you transformed us. We were transfixed by your Pilates training, to say the least. You took us through the system of exercises so elegantly, introduced us to the various apparatuses and made us physically stronger with improved poise, better flexibility & agility and mentally more serene and peaceful.

We look forward to every session of your Pilates so eagerly. We love your training.God bless.

Raju and Indira 

Liz is the best Pilates instructor I have ever had . If it wasn’t for liz I wouldn’t have had baby no.2. .. We are forever grateful. Liz has patience and understanding of women’s health

Jacqui C

I cannot recommend Liz highly enough. I have known her for over 10 years and have followed her throughout Sydney to be part of her pilates classes. Liz is sincerely good, hardworking, and passionate about pilates. I have genuinely benefitted physically, emotionally and mentally from my pilates classes with her. She has strengthened my body pre and post me bearing four children (including twins in that mix!). Her classes are challenging and enjoyable. Liz is simply brilliant.

Pauline S

Liz is beyond fantastic. I’d had what i thought were flexibility issues for over 2 decades, but within 2-3 sessions she’d found out my stabilising muscles were being underused, and the pain i felt were my ‘main’ muscles being overworked.

Not only are her knowledge and skills first rate, she’s always cheerful and ready to assist, and has no problem staying back with you to help you with the program she’s expertly put together. I literally cannot recommend her and her studio highly enough.

Ben O

Liz is an excellent pilates instructor, I’ve loved her method and appreciated her way of stimulating people to work with their bodies.

Marie S​

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